Kinda Akash is a Lebanese-Syrian creative director and graphic designer living and working in New York.

A BA from Georgetown University in Art History and Biology led her to Los Angeles to pursue Graphic Design at CalArts. After obtaining her BFA, and following a summer internship at Stardust, she joined the Los Angeles studio as Designer and Art Director soon thereafter.

She joined Superfad in the spring of 2008, becoming creative director in 2010. Her work can be seen on screen in films such as Red Riding: 1980 and the 2011 Sundance documentary, Project Nim, both edited and directed by the award-winning team behind Man On Wire (Director James Marsh and Editor Jinx Godfrey). Her commercial work includes but is not limited to, short films for Fontainebleau, Starwood, and commercials for Nivea, Nissan, E*Trade, NYSE, Google, and The California Coastal Commission. Her work has been featured in various publications such as in ‘boards magazine and STEP magazine.

Kinda is now freelance and available for hire. She loves design systems, good food, post-it notes, tabloid-size paper, and making lists to no avail.

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Speaks English, French, and Arabic fluently.